Make your corporate movie modular

Web based video not only has instant widespread and global reach but, when executed well, it influences audiences in ways that no other medium can. Video is a powerful platform for delivering your corporate and brand messages, whether that be for product promotions, introducing the new CEO or delivering effective training materials for your employees.

But how do you ensure that your corporate video has a long shelf life? How can it remain relevant and not become obsolete shortly after you have approved the final edit?

MM have just completed updates to the first version of ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions corporate video which is entitled: “In the next 90 seconds…” The first version of the film was completed in 2018 and, since then, the film has enjoyed widespread distribution by ArcelorMittal and its stakeholders.

At the end of 2017, MM successfully pitched the concept of a modular structure for ArcelorMittal’s new video. The creative concept was built around multiple, fast paced journeys in different parts of the world. Throughout these journeys, to school, to work, to the airport, home, to a holiday destination, a business trip to the other side of the world, we pass countless instances of ArcelorMittal’s innovative products and their applications.

The highly visual video sequences are punctuated with momentary pauses where we can see selected ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions products animate, as vivid 3D wire frame illustrations. Displayed against a temporarily frozen backdrop of live footage, a dropdown menu of further applications is revealed before we are hurled back into the accelerated journey towards the next pause and product feature.

“It is breathtaking stuff that breaks the mould of the traditional ’talking heads’ video (although this can be a very powerful format too), but what is truly exciting is the fact that this stylistic approach delivers a tonality to the film which underlines ArcelorMittal commitment, and its confidence, in ‘transforming tomorrow’. More than this though, the film’s modular structure gives ArcelorMittal opportunity to swap and replace featured products and applications as and when it needs to, in order to better reflect its changing business focus and priorities” says Martin Hinchcliffe, Creative Director at MM.

Sarah Brown, Marketing and Communications, ArcelorMittal WireSolutions adds: “Version 2 of the video has just been released. The modular nature of the storyline has enabled us to make important changes to version 1 and replace certain sequences with new ones, whilst still retaining the integrity of the film. What’s more, this is something we can keep doing into the future, without having to fund a totally new video”.

MM produce highly engaging video that captivates audiences, inspires action & drives results for businesses and their brands. 

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