ABS Group

ABS Group

Specialists in the sourcing, processing and supply of primary and secondary alloys and metals, the privately owned ABS Group was founded in 1988 and has successfully grown into an international group of 6 companies located around the world. In a climate of increased scrutiny of corporate, social and ecological responsibility, ABS Group appointed MM Design to help them reinforce their position as a responsible organisation dedicated to making important contributions to local economies and provide valuable services to each of its regional markets in the UK, South Africa, USA, Germany and France.


ABS Group’s new corporate brochure and website uses a mathematical grid structure for the arrangement of text and imagery. This, in conjunction with the limited colour palette of white, greys and blues, provided visitors with a refreshing design aesthetic that reinforces ABS Groups commitment to order and efficiency. Ensuring a powerful synergy between printed and digital formats is a major consideration in MM Design’s work. ABS Group’s website and brochure provides a vivid example of how consistency across the two formats can be achieved.


The home page features a bespoke metals price ticker and this is imported daily from the London Metal Exchange with a ‘last updated’ indicator.