The learndirect network has a great number of staff and partners who are responsible for projecting a consistent identity. Keen to devolve responsibility for the brand identity to the many staff, partners and stakeholders involved, but wanting to ensure quality standards, learndirect commissioned MM Design to develop a resource that would provide practical advice on the use of the brand in its numerous contexts and template resources to help market the brand in a professional and consistent way.

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MM Design delivered an online resource that not only explained learndirect’s policy on how to use the brand but also provided:
A marketing toolkit that enables users to browse and download purpose specific marketing materials
A ‘Print on Demand’ facility that enables network partners to customise marketing templates prior to ordering An image library with advanced search facilities containing many thousands of images. Images are categorized according to their designated use across different target audiences.

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Delivering this project via a single content management system meant that learndirect enjoyed considerable economies of scale relating to the production but the outcome has given brand managers limited margin for error concerning an accurate projection of the brand image.

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