Novus Light

Novus Light

Novus Light Technologies Today is the very latest publication from Novus Media, the digitally driven publisher that is committed to informing and inspiring its diverse readership to realise the full potential of a greener global business environment. Novus Media contracted with MM Design to design, build and provide a content management system for their new publication, Novus Light Technologies Today and its related fortnightly e-journal, Light Conversation.



A sister publication to Solar Novus (which concentrates on the Solar industries) Novus Light Technologies Today focuses on the delivery of news and analysis from the exciting world of light and photonics. The design of the website needed to appeal to a culturally diverse global audience and have widespread appeal across all user groups.


All editors require access to the CMS in order to upload their latest stories and features it therefore needed to be very simple to use requiring little or no training. All stories and features required reader commenting and ‘functionality.

MM Design have created an engaging online news publication that is easy for readers to navigate on all internet enabled devices. The CMS is simple and intuitive to use. Editors can access the CMS 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any internet enabled device to upload latest news stories and imagery. Automatic formatting ensures consistency across the site and the use of classification categories for each story ensures that each story automatically appears in all of the relevant sections.