The Followers Of Rupert Bear

The Followers Of Rupert Bear


Rupert Bear has enjoyed a long history. From his first appearances in 1920 in the Daily Express, the unassuming bear started his epic journey competing with ‘Teddy Tail’ who was very popular in the Daily Mail. Since then Rupert has become a worldwide success. Created by Mary Tourtel, the character was first known as the “Little Lost Bear” but soon became Rupert and his iconic red jumper and yellow checked trousers and scarf have become the epitome of traditional English eccentricity and nostalgia.


The Followers of Rupert was formed in 1983 to bring together Rupert Bear enthusiasts from around the world and to promote the appreciation of Rupert’s past, present and future. Working with admin systems that were as old as Rupert himself, managers decided to bring their marketing, communications, sales and administration into the 21st century and appoint MM Design to design and build a website that would recruit new members, cater for the needs of existing members, provide a member management system and increase sales on Rupert memorabilia.


Improved member retention, increases in new membership and improved sales, combined with reduced administrative costs has made this curious enterprise a financially sustainable success.