South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is the driving force behind the development of public transport in South Yorkshire. Developing the region’s transport network, SYPTE have a unique role in planning for South Yorkshire’s future transport network.

sypte cover1

Encouraging the maximum use of public transport and promoting the growth of the public transport network, SYPTE work closely with transport service operators, local councils and other key stakeholders to develop the network and services across the county.

sypte cover2

Focussed on their primary goals of providing:

a realistic alternative to the car that will encourage a shift in people’s mode of travel

quality transport for those without the use of a car to enable them to access jobs, education, shops, healthcare and other facilities;

good public transport services linking businesses to employees and customers

SYTE commissioned MM Design to design and illustrate the front cover of their latests Vision document.

sypte cover3

Embracing the theme of a ‘blueprint’ for the future Senior Creative, Dan Wilde has adopted an illustrative approach often used in architectural visualisations to reinforce the ‘visionary’ concept of this important document. Loosely applied water-colour is contained within tightly an accurately drawn representations of people, buildings and modes of transport conjuring a powerful image of a more efficient, cleaner and brighter future for the people who live and work within the South Yorkshire region.