Tinder Foundation

Tinder Foundation

Tinder foundation have commissioned MM Design to design their new 5 year strategy. The publication of the 5 year strategy will coincide with Tinder’s 3rd anniversary as an independent organisation and will take the form of a new interactive microsite. Contextualised within Tinders achievements over the last 3 years the new microsite uses an illustrative info graphic approach to the representation of, not only the last 3 years but near and far term objectives for 3 core themes: Digital Inclusion, Learning through digital and Social Challenges.

tinderweb1 tinderweb4 tinderweb3

A horizontal scroll function enables visors to the site to literall scroll into the future and see what Tinder are planning to achieve.


“With a strong reference to the clean simplicity of other Tinder sites, the new 5 year strategic plan is an easy to navigate resource that is a pleasure use and an inspiration to read.