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Leonardo Da Vinci’s analytical engineering drawings inspire hyper realistic 3D illustrations for ArcelorMittal ROPES


MM are delighted to have completed more than 30 different hyper realistic illustrations for ArcelorMittal ROPES. Our 3D images take their inspiration, in part, from Leonardo Da Vinci’s analytical engineering drawings. Da Vinci used the process of drawing to learn about the world around him and to teach others about subjects including the relationship between physics and engineering.
Our 3D illustrations, although considerably more photographic than Leonardo’s, do the same thing. They highlight the fact that a steel rope by ArcelorMittal is a complex piece of engineering which brings together many factors including advanced corrosion resistant materials, integrated plastic impregnation and superior levels of stretch, crush and fatigue resistance.

The accuracy and quality of our 3D drawings reflect the precision engineering that is integral to the ArcelorMittal ROPES brand.