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Armoured Cables

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ArcelorMittal Armoured Cabling manufactures high performance galvanised steel wire for the cable armouring industry. This B2B business line within the ArcelorMittal Group, markets its cable armouring solutions worldwide to manufacturing companies that specialise in armoured cabling applications above ground, on land, at sea and subsea.

In a highly competitive market, ArcelorMittal Armoured Cabling can leverage its world-renowned, corrosion resistant wires whist offering bespoke solutions and competitive pricing. Key to the success of ArcelorMittal Armoured Cabling’s multilingual communications strategy is its concise, easy to follow communications collateral.

MM Design continue to work with ArcelorMittal to design and deliver engaging digital and printed materials that communicate ArcelorMittal Armoured Cabling’s core messaging and provide straight forward response mechanisms.