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Bright Bars Industrial
Product Brochure

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ArcelorMittal Bright Bars, part of the ArcelorMittal Group – the largest steel company in the world, is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of bright steel bar products.

Bright bar production by ArcelorMittal is used in applications where there is a need for high surface quality and precision geometry. Their highly developed and finely tuned processes (cold drawing, peeling, grinding, turning or a combination of these processes) enables us to offer best-in-class properties in a wide range of solutions, sizes and grades for many applications.

MM designed and produced ArcelorMattal’s bright bars brochure to work alongside the new brand guidelines. The multi page product and services brochure showcases ArcelorMittal’s technical expertise and their superior product design and manufacturing processes, setting them apart from their global competitors.

Industrial Product Brochure
Industrial Product Brochure
Industrial Product Brochure
Industrial Product Brochure