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CAN Geotechnical

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Passionate about solutions, CAN helps businesses with specialist geotechnical and structural services. Providing specialist access, CAN undertake ground engineering, structural installation, and maintenance within all aspects of the construction and civil engineering markets throughout the UK.

CAN approached MM Design to explore how they could develop their ‘rope access’ business. The then existing brand identity was outdated and there were many inconsistencies across CAN’s internal communications and its external marketing activities.

MM Design engaged CAN in a series of workshops focused on defining the nature of the organisation’s character and personality, and its aspirations.

Staff at all levels of the business were invited to participate. A recurring theme that emerged from the workshops was the notion that CANs clients were seeking long term solutions to geotechnical and structural issues that the client could have high levels confidence in. CAN was clearly in the business of selling ‘certainty’. From here we quickly arrived at the notion of creating certainty. Given the civil engineering arena in which CAN operates, it was a short leap to ‘Engineering Certainty’.

A new CAN logo was created to reflect the bold and newfound confidence of the CAN brand. MM Design developed branded communications across the CAN Website, internal communications, training manuals, customer facing marketing communications, vehicle livery and branded work wear for staff.