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Hassra LiveLife

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HASSRA is the vibrant and successful organisation that provides a vibrant programme of sports competitions, activities and benefits for all its members. HASSRA also plays an important role in helping its members achieve a healthy work-life balance.

With 60,000 members, HASSRA is one of the biggest sports and recreational associations of its kind. The organisation’s experience in providing high quality events and benefits have made HASSRA the premier Departmental Association for Civil Servants.

With a national tier, 12 regional associations and 350 local clubs, MM Design have worked with HASSRA since 2012 producing branded communications focussed on the recruitment of new members and the retention of existing ones.

Working across video, web, printed recruitment packs, exhibitions and the quarterly Livelife magazine, MM Design ensures that branded communications deliver clear messaging that engages potential and existing HASSRA members.