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Tracey Holland – Confluence, Crossing and Guiding Lights

Tracey Holland is an artist who uses film, photography and audio to create site specific work. Her new series of six works, exhibited at Grimsby and Hull Minsters, examines the transience of the Humber estuary, not only the physical geography that is formed and reformed, but the changing, evolving attitudes of the people who live either side of the estuary.

“On recommendation I chose MM Design to design the exhibition catalogue for my new show, Confluence.There was a lot of initial thought and consideration by MM Design of the themes interwoven within the exhibition. After several consultations, discussion and reflection, this was then very successfully reflected in the overall thematic aesthetics of the design. Due to this understanding, I felt confident to hand over elements of the image editing process to MM Design, who choose which and where each image was placed, engendering greater design synergy. This was a different and beneficial process for me and has consequently produced a wonderful publication.”

Tracey Holland

Tracey’s work aims to enhance a sense of place for those living next to this major waterway. Her work examines how closely rooted and formed by place we are, and how place and identity assist us in our sense of ‘belonging somewhere’.

MM Design worked with Tracey to design the 64 page exhibition catalogue, ensuring that the multi layered and impermanent nature of her exhibition’s content was expressed within the design.

To see more of Tracey’s work and for more information visit: www.traceyholland.co.uk