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Brand development


What is a brand?

A brand is the experience of your product or service as perceived by your customers, suppliers and employees. By recognising a name, logo, slogan, or the visual presentation of a company, people can instantly recall what a particular company or brand stands for. Branding helps companies achieve instant recognition in what are often very crowded markets. Successful branding sets you apart from the competition and gives your products and services the meaning that they represent.

At MM Design, we create strong brand identities for all kinds of companies, large and small. Our work enhances perceptions of the brands we work for and literally makes them more interesting, more popular and more successful.

Brand re-design and refresh

At MM Design, helping clients develop their brand is a very straightforward process. Who you are, what you stand for and represent, what makes you different, and what unique value you offer. Once we get to here it is then all about turning that into a tangible experience for existing and new customers, employees and everyone who has any kind of a relationship with the brand.


branding and communications

Effective brand engagement is vital to the success of your business and how your business or product is perceived by your customers and employees.

Whether its promoting an existing brand or developing a new one. Our knowledge and understanding of effective brand communication is essential when you want to increase your consumer engagement, satisfaction and connection with the product or service you offer.

Corporate and brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are the instruction manual to show how to use your visual identity. They provide the framework that defines the visual assets and shows how to use them in each circumstance. Brand guidelines are an essential way of ensuring brand consistency and the larger the organisation, the more helpful they become.


Design for print


Brochure & catalogue design

Design for print has long been at the center of marketing communications. Despite predictions that demand for printed materials is coming to an end, we have found that the tactile reality of well designed and printed communications, such as brochures, direct mail, leaflets, flyers, posters, banners, business plans, annual reports and product catalogues remains an integral part of the marketing mix.

Just like your online communications, printed deliverable’s need to have a definite function and they need to engage a specific audience. Our detailed understanding of the design and print process means that we can achieve highly relevant communications that are produced to the highest standards.

Marketing campaigns

We are fortunate enough to work for clients who entrust MM Design with the design, production and distribution of entire integrated marketing campaigns. These projects are exciting ones. They require an understanding of the campaign’s objectives, a strategic approach to decision making regarding the component parts of the campaign kit and the drive to ensure that each item is doing its job by saying the right thing to the right audience at the right time.


Exhibition & display design

Exhibitions and events are important opportunities for your brand to stand out from the competition. Our in house design team can work with both bespoke and off the shelf modular systems to create an exhibition system that suits your budget, and the context in which you are exhibiting. Our service covers design, build, break up, storage, provision of utilities (light, power and internet), furniture hire and all marketing and communications collateral.

Corporate communication

Public, employee and stakeholder perceptions of your organisation are influenced by many factors including the visual identity and the look and feel of your corporate communications. Annual reports, strategic plans, corporate brochures and stationery all combine to create an impression of your organisation. Our experience of working with several prestigious organisations, our understanding of the importance of adherence to corporate identity guidelines and our expertise in communication design equip MM Design with the skills that are necessary to deliver corporate communications that have gravitas and inspire confidence in the various audiences.


Creative website design


Your website

At MM Design, designing and launching a website is all about creating an experience that your target audience will connect with.

Successful websites do two things: They attract visitors and then they turn those visitors into customers. A visually powerful design, clear navigation and easy to follow information are some of the hallmarks of a successful website but, unless a visitor knows what to do after they have had a look around your site, you may loose them.

Responsive layout

Not everyone who visits your site will look at it on a desktop computer. Responsive design means that your website adapts to smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. Responsive design doesn’t just shrink the page, but re organises the content to suit the visitors device so that they can still make sense of the content and get the best possible experience.


Content management system

Behind the scenes is just as important as the consumer facing parts of your website. Your ability to update your products, text or change imagery quickly and easily is very important. Content Management Systems enables you to do just that. You can create new sections, add pages to existing sections, hide pages you don’t want the public to see and bring them back online at the click of button when you want to. We’ll select the most appropriate CMS for your site from a number of commercial alternatives including our own bespoke solution.

Mobile design

More and more people are using their phones and tablets to get online. It is essential that the design of your website is flexible enough to work on mobile devices. This not only prevents you from losing visitors to your competitors but it helps position your brand as one that takes the needs of its customers seriously.


Video & animation


Live action video

Our live action video production experts have decades of collective experience and are able to tell your company or product/ service ‘story’ from concept, development, writing, producing, editing through to special effects and post production graphics. Promotional videos are an important marketing tool and our skills in website functionality, online platforms, social media and mobile media mean that we can extend the distribution channels for your video production and help to leverage the returns from your online video investment.


At MM Design we create a wide range of 2D and 3D visual solutions for broadcast, mobile and the web. We have extensive experience working with a variety of clients from large multinational blue chip companies, medical equipment manufacturers, learning and training providers, smaller companies and local artists. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to projects and our ongoing relationships with our clients.